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Tuesday, August 9th, 2005
Aug 9th, 2005//2:08PM


Monday, June 20th, 2005
Jun 20th, 2005//4:11PM



evil grin

just kidding!!
Jun 20th, 2005//12:44PM
the communities I am in


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Fun & Active Community
Themes, Superlatives, & Scavenger Hunts
You're gorgeous and we'd like for you to join us!

If promotions are not allowed, feel free to delete.
Tuesday, May 24th, 2005
May 24th, 2005//6:01PM
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giggle <3
Saturday, October 30th, 2004
Oct 30th, 2004//10:52AM
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yes, it's that time...FRIENDS ONLY, PRIVATE. Comment to be added and I'll probably add you back. Sorry people with out livejournals.

Saturday, October 23rd, 2004
Oct 23rd, 2004//9:56PM
Friday: school. boring. One of my brother's friend's band played @ lunch, i liked them. kind of. And i had dance. Then came home and Leta aka Mushroom called and we ended up going out also with Topez. First i got spiffied up though of course. So we drove to BART to pick of Topez. They are so both so fucking crazy. Leta is 23 And Topez is almost 20. SO we went to the movie and took fuckin forever to park and they were scoping for black guys. Topez is black and Leta only dates black guys. I TOLD them they wouldnt have that much luck considering the town. Anyway we parked and ate it was funny cuz i saw all the stupid fuckers there that go to my school and they laughed. BOO BOO. then these 3 black kids like kept looking @ us, i think they thought we were on weed. we were just a little hyper though. We had these movie coupons so we ended up spending $2 on the movie and then we got free popcorn cuz some guy knew topez. We saw sharktales and it was actually quite funny, what was really funny was the comments us 3 made throughout the movie though. they are fuckin getto crazyyyyyyy people i love them both to death. After all the annoying chumps were gone since it was like past their curfew/bed time. SO we drove back to Leta's place and we all slept in her little room shes renting. She slept on the floor. US three talking teil about 2 or 3 AM about mostly camp and the fuckers and stuff. and about guys.
Saturday: We woke up fucking early too. actually just topez and me woke up and we watched cartoons and made leta get her ass up. Then we went to Dennys. That was fun too. They dropped me off and i really didnt want to go home. I was fucking tired for one thing and i knew it wouldnt be too fun. SO yeah I'm missing next week of school since im going to LOMA MAR to be a EHN counselor so i did like 6 nights of fucking geometry in one night. like 10 pgs. i was like dying took hecka hours but i finished n now i dont have to worry about it. I packed and haha i hecka overpacked AS ALWAYS (anyone who went to camp w/ me can verify). So all i have left is like sleeping bag pillow and toiletrees. I still will have to do my french hw. Tonight was my Grandmas 80th birthday. So a bunch of her old lady friends came over and they oggled over how i am a young woman. sheesh. Now I am just chatting. I am so excited for Monday.....

I KNOW YOU FUCKERS WANT TO SEE MY DOGGY AS A BUMBLE BEE! he squints his eyes cuz the flash I <3 himCollapse )

Current Mood: horny
Oct 23rd, 2004//7:44PM
sweet im going to loma mar to be an ENH counselor monday - friday for the 5th graders
Saturday, October 16th, 2004
Oct 16th, 2004//11:38PM
I changed my Icon, I like it think its silly :-)

even though I'm a virgin.


Current Mood: chipper
Friday, October 15th, 2004
Oct 15th, 2004//9:46PM
Thursday, October 14th, 2004
Oct 14th, 2004//5:03PM
Tuesday, October 12th, 2004
Oct 12th, 2004//8:46PM
I am going to change the lives of others in a positive way.

uber cool.
Sunday, October 10th, 2004
Oct 10th, 2004//5:14PM
( entry that i delelted but I'm putting back )

Today I did something that I hadn't done for a year or two. And it felt so good and so bad, all at the same time. gdhgkdgh.

whoever commented, comment again because i don't remeber.

-thank you julie (excruciation)

Current Mood: cold
Oct 10th, 2004//5:08PM

kthnxbye have a nice day.
Saturday, October 9th, 2004
Oct 9th, 2004//1:32PM
The days just keep getting longer...
Thursday, October 7th, 2004
Oct 7th, 2004//5:16PM
Comment with a warm fuzzy :-)


thank you
Monday, October 4th, 2004
Oct 4th, 2004//8:24PM
shit, I havn't written forever. this weekend was fucking kick ass. Leta ( a staff member from camp) aka mushroom is like driving me everywhere this week since my parents are in Maui.So on Saturday we did all kinda of stuff, hung out.. also will John aka Starbucks another counselor he was there only for a week. its fun driving with them because they both have trucks so its all cozy in the front hah. So their first job was to drop me off @ dance ha we hella got lost. But i made it. And then i went home to change and we drove like crazy mother fuckers to Berkeley. John got his ears repierced and leta/mushroom was like fuck it and got her nose pierced even though she doesnt have money. She got a new tatoo the other day. Then we walked around and had fun. I watched as she got her nose pierced it was fun. Then a poor-crazy-ugly-black-mother-fucker said hella funny pick up lines to mushroom hitting on her. We drove to my house. and had a snack. And looked up movie times. And we saw ladder 49 it was good, i guess kind of sappy though. but it was fun because we got these candys called SQUINKLES and mushroom kept saying it. And we laughed when no one else did. Oh we also got lost onthe way to the movies. These two are NOT from around here. Leta is 23 and John is 21 fyi though. OKay after we went to mushrooms appartment thingy and i slept over it was like good old times @ camp and herb ed was comfy and john slept on the couch but before we went to sleep we all we all talked for hella hours until like 4 am and laughed and it was nice. hmm okee. Next day i went home and showered because i was gross and Leta picked me up and we went to BART to pick up Topez! We went to the mall. fuck we got lost again haha. And we ate at my house and looked at pictures of all the mother fuckers at camp. haha. Topex is CRAZY she calls pleasanton whitey world. ha. She counted the black people i think. (topez is black) okay. Yeah at the mall i pointed out the potheads and sluts and sluts from my school. they wanted to beat their asses. Then we went back to the appartment and john was their. lol with auntie rosie. LONG story. lol. We chilled in mushrooms room on her comfy bed. looked at pictures. laughed. were funny. Topex gave me camp advice haha so sage. Then we went to Johns appartment which smelled like wet paint. And we played scrabble. Ang i lost like a fucker. <33333333333 CAMP PEOPLE ARE THE BEST. shit. Today damn... my alarm went off when its supposed to.. 6:35 but i turned it off fell asleep for another hour. usually 5 min before we leave the house. I woke up because the dog barked. I got ready getto style and the reason i can get ready in 5 minutes is BECAUSE of camp. I went in the garage because the luandry troom is in there and i did laundry so threw the bra and shirt on left my cool pg pants. fed the dog. took my pill. got the back pack. I put a bag of cookies in my bag for lunch. suprisingly my hair was in tact. tessa watched me do all this and im not exaggerating. 5 minutes fuckers! then on the walk to school got some gum, put some face powder on and there you go!
Tuesday, September 28th, 2004
Sep 28th, 2004//6:46PM
I just heard this awesome song on my trusty radio

Why is marijuana not legal? Why is marijuana not legal?
It’s a natural plant that grows in the dirt.
Do you know what’s not natural?
80 year old dudes with hard-ons. That’s not natural.
But we got pills for that.
We’re dedicating all our medical resources to keeping the old guys erect,
but we’re putting people in jail for something that grows in the dirt?

You know we have more prescription drugs now.
Every commercial that comes on TV is a prescription drug ad.
I can’t watch TV for four minutes without thinking I have five serious diseases.
Like: “Do you ever wake up tired in the morning?”
Oh my god I have this, write this down. Whatever it is, I have it.
Half the time I don’t even know what the commercial is…
people running in fields or flying kites or swimming in the ocean.
I’m like that is the greatest disease ever. How do you get that?
That disease comes with a hot chick and a puppy.

The schools now… It is all about self-esteem in the schools now.
Build the kids’ self-esteem, make them feel good about themselves.
If everybody grows up with high self-esteem, who is going to dance in our strip clubs?
What’s going to happen to our porno industry?
These women don’t just grown on trees.
It takes lots of drunk dads missing dance recitals before you decide to blow a goat on the internet for fifty bucks.
And if that disappears, where does that leave me on a Friday night with my new high speed connection?

Masterminds are another word that comes up all the time.
You keep hearing about these terrorists masterminds that get killed in the middle east.
Terrorists masterminds.
Mastermind is sort of a lofty way to describe what these guys do, don’t you think?
They’re not masterminds.
“OK, you take bomb, right? And you put in your backpack. And you get on bus and you blow yourself up. Alright?”
“Why do I have to blow myself up? Why can’t I just…”
“Who’s the fucking mastermind here? Me or you?”

Americans, let’s face it: We’ve been a spoiled country for a long time.
Do you know what the number one health risk in America is?
Obesity. They say we’re in the middle of an obesity epidemic.
An epidemic like it is polio. Like we’ll be telling our grand kids about it one day.
The Great Obesity Epidemic of 2004.
“How’d you get through it grandpa?”
“Oh, it was horrible Johnny, there was cheesecake and pork chops everywhere.”

Nobody knows why were getting fatter? Look at our lifestyle.
I’ll sit at a drive thru.
I’ll sit there behind fifteen other cars instead of getting up to make the eight foot walk to the totally empty counter.
Everything is mega meal, super sized. Want biggie fries, super sized, want to go large.
You want to have thirty burgers for a nickel you fat mother fucker. There’s room in the back. Take it!
Want a 55 gallon drum of Coke with that? It’s only three more cents.

Sometimes you have to suffer a little bit in your youth to motivate yourself to succeed in later life.
Do you think if Bill Gates got laid in high school, do you think there’d be a Microsoft?
Of course not.
You got to spend a long time in your own locker with your underwear shoved up your ass before you start to think,
“You’ll see. I’m going to take of the world of computers! I’ll show them.”

We’re in one of the richest countries in the world,
but the minimum wage is lower than it was thirty five years ago.
There are homeless people everywhere.
This homeless guy asked me for money the other day.
I was about to give it to him and then I thought he was going to use it on drugs or alcohol.
And then I thought, that’s what I’m going to use it on.

Why am I judging this poor bastard.
People love to judge homeless guys. Like if you give them money they’re just going to waste it.
Well, he lives in a box, what do you want him to do? Save it up and buy a wall unit?
Take a little run to the store for a throw rug and a CD rack? He’s homeless.
I walked behind this guy the other day.
A homeless guy asked him for money.
He looks right at the homeless guy and says why don’t you go get a job you bum.
People always say that to homeless guys like it is so easy.
This homeless guy was wearing his underwear outside his pants.
Outside his pants. I’m guessing his resume isn’t all up to date.
I’m predicting some problems during the interview process.
I’m pretty sure even McDonalds has a “underwear goes inside the pants” policy.
Not that they enforce it really strictly, but technically I’m sure it is on the books. the other day.

Underwear Goes Inside the Pants - Lazy Boy
Monday, September 27th, 2004
Sep 27th, 2004//6:04PM
So, I just had like 2 hours of math tutoring, and now i have other homework, and I feel like procrastinating. ha. and no i haven't forgot that i still have to right about my whole weekend... anyway
thisCollapse )
is the end result

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, September 26th, 2004
Sep 26th, 2004//7:14PM






Current Mood: hot
Thursday, September 23rd, 2004
Sep 23rd, 2004//8:28PM
The media has soiled the minds of basically every teenage girl. And highschool is just icky. Anyway, my point is that every one has one time or another disliked themselves or even hated themselves. And its quite annoying everyone complaining how they are not skinny enough or not pretty enough. See the thing is, that is life, you either learn to accept or to do something about it. If every time you look inthe mirror you get the depressed you either do something about it or if you are too lazy or if you really can't you just learn to deal with it. Because no one looks perfect. Now, peopel with anorexia or bulimia that is totally different, that is a disease weather you agree or disagree is another thing. its just annoying having people complain about themselves, when you could be complaining about world hunger or the war OR the possibility of bush getting re-elected. truely, highschool life in general makes no sense to me. And I am glad. It now also seems that being depressed is a trend and if not a trend a popular wave sweeping everyone. Guess what? its not a good thing nor a cool thing. I've suffered from clinical depression. I have seen therapists and doctors. But its not something i write on my fucking forhead and tell everyone. Its not a GOOD thing. because i'm lucky I have gotton help and now i'm pretty much normally happy. I take an anti-depressant, and its kind of a blessing. but then there are those people, who yes i must admit are probably really depressed, but is that really a reason to be cutting your wrists every day and showing it off, making no effort to conceal it?? And maybe its about not caring but its also about showing it off!? The world is fucked up. People now have conversations like well i have a therapist AND c ounselor, well so?? I'm bi-polar. Well i cut last night. Well guess what? I dealt with that shit, and I overcame it. And now I'm happy. There is a big difference though. People cutting now in highschool versus when i did, in 5thish grade as a cry for help, no one KNEW what cutting meant, and everyone was too young to know, now I see whats going on around me, and i'm pretty damn glad i got help. and it worked. SO i ranted and bitched..so. Homecoming is this weekend :-) I'm excited but pretty damn stressed out too!

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